The Netflix app downloaded from the NOMVDIC app store specifically requires a mouse for navigation and control. To resolve this, we suggest the following options:

  1. Connect a mouse: You can connect a mouse to the USB-A port of the projector. With a mouse connected, you will be able to navigate and interact with the Netflix app effectively.
  2. NOMVDIC Remote Control App: Alternatively, you can download the NOMVDIC Remote Control App to your phone. This app allows you to use your phone as a mouse and as a remote control for the projector. By launching the app and following the instructions, you can control the Netflix app on the projector using your phone.

Additionally, another option is to connect a streaming device, such as a Fire Stick, Roku Stick, or Chromecast, to the projector via the HDMI port. The USB-A port can supply power to the streaming device. Once connected, select the HDMI input source on the projector, and you will be able to enjoy streaming content from the connected device.

For further questions regarding the NOMVDIC App Store, please contact Our dedicated support team will be happy to help.