[X300 Smart Portable Speaker & Projector]

What’s in the box?

Remote control, 3 sets of speaker spikes & shoes, 3.5mm audio cable, USB-C cable, Power cord & adaptor (Input: 100~240V. Output: 19V DC/4.74A), 2 batteries, Quick Start Guide, Warranty card

What are the key specs of the X300?



  • Input: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, HDMI, USB-C, USB-A, Micro SD card, 3.5mm jack

  • Output: Bluetooth, 3.5mm jack

How long is the battery life? 

The battery capacity is 10000mAh. Maximum 6 hours for music, or 3 hours for projection on a single charge. 

You can also power on the X300 by a USB-C power bank. Just make sure the power bank is at least 45W (15V/3A) and supports Power Delivery (PD) protocol output.

Can I stream Netflix or Disney+?

As of now, Netflix and Disney+ do not support AirPlay or screen mirroring, but here’s something you can do to play Netflix and Disney+ on your X300: 


  • Download the Netflix app from the built-in App Store on the X300. 

  • Use streaming dongles (e.g. Firestick, Roku stick). As the X300 has a built-in battery, it supplies power for the streaming dongle. 

  • Connect your computer to the X300 using an HDMI or USB-C cable.  


  • Use streaming dongles (e.g., Firestick, Roku stick). As X300 has a built-in battery, it supplies power for the streaming dongle. 

  • Connect your computer to X300 using an HDMI or USB-C cable

Do you have a guarantee/warranty? 

We provide a one-year warranty for X300, and NOMVDIC will cover the shipping cost for repair and replacement if the product proves to be defective in material or workmanship. 

How can the X300 be used? What kind of scenarios exactly?

  • Easily carry the X300 to a camping site, on a road trip, to the backyard, as well as different spaces in your home. 

  • Host a 100” big-screen movie/gaming night with family and friends, anywhere and anytime.

  • A party booster that can provide a sensational audio experience with its built-in speakers customized by Harman Kardon.

  • Immerse in acoustic heaven at the comfort of your home. Switch from the original rubber feet to the extra-provided speaker spikes and shoes, which together lessen unnecessary vibration and interference to the audio performance.

  • More than a speaker and projector with audiovisual functionalities, the X300 is also a piece of art that fits a tasteful lifestyle and home interior design. 

What differentiates the X300 from other competing projectors?

Unique Fusion of Design Aesthetics and Technology Functionalities

Industrial design with consumer lifestyle and artistic sense considered, going beyond the traditional image of projectors as merely tech devices focusing on specs and functionalities.

  • Leather handle: 
    a touch of quality and warmth, also for easy carrying on the go.

  • Reflective projection mirror: 
    a sense of sleek precision with metal materials in use. Also doubles as a cover to protect and keep the lens discreet when using the X300 as a speaker, and for easy projection angle adjustments with a flip on the mirror.

  • Speaker spikes and shoes: 
    metal materials for finer look and feel, and the design spirit inherited from HiFi speakers. A tweak that lessens unnecessary vibration and interference to the audio performance for an enhanced experience.

  • Distinctive side lattice design: 
    inspired by the architectural interplay of light and shadow, creating a sense of space and texture. Also serves for better sound delivery and heat dissipation.

  • Co-branding with Harman Kardon: 
    to provide all-in-one audio and visual excellence for consumers. Partnering with the well-known audio brand for exclusive customizations for the X300 – on both speaker hardware design and software audio tuning. 

More Convenient and User-friendly Experiences with Smart Capabilities

Smart capabilities that seamlessly fit modern consumers’ behaviors in the digital world and reserve their precious time for the entertainment itself.

  • Cable-free content streaming: 
    with built-in 5GHz fast-speed Wi-Fi connectivity, free of inserting extra dongles, users can wirelessly screen mirror or cast content from their mobile device at hand onto the big projection screen for a more immersive viewing experience. Or simply download apps like YouTube and Netflix from the projector’s built-in app center for direct streaming.

  • Convenient remote control alternative using your smartphone: 
    download the NOMVDIC Remote App on your smartphone, pair it up with the X300, and turn your smartphone into an alternative remote control for intuitive touch controls, annotations, and easy typing.

  • Flexible audio applications for different scenarios: 
    with built-in Bluetooth input & output connectivity, you can use the X300 on your terms. As a powerful Bluetooth speaker playing music from your smartphone and getting the party started. Or the other way around, output the audio of a thrilling game from the X300 to your own Bluetooth headphones, immersing in your own world of fun without disturbing anyone sleeping in the next room.

  • Lighter packing for gaming fun on the go: 
    via the provided USB-C cable, users can directly connect the X300 with a Nintendo Switch free of carrying the dock, enjoying big-screen fun easier on the go.



NOMVDIC was founded by a group of people who believe ”the urban lifestyle and home entertainment shouldn’t be limited by living spaces or environment.” Headquartered in California, we have a global team and see ourselves as urban digital nomads. From sound to space, we seek and provide immersive audiovisual voyages by designing products that go beyond imagination, and offer versatile experiences and intuitive usability. For more information, please visit https://nomvdic.io.

What can we expect in the future from NOMVDIC?

With the spirit of “Venture Beyond” at our core, NOMVDIC will continue to provide products and services that facilitate our customers’ aspiration to re-imagine their lifestyles and home entertainment. Projectors as a starting point, and more possibilities to come.